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EKG rhythms provide critical information for the diagnosis of possible heart conditions. These tests can be performed during physical examinations when cardiovascular problems are suspected, or in preparation for surgery.

The need for qualified EKG technicians continues to increase as the aging population in America grows and the corresponding prevalence of heart-related conditions. EKG technicians usually work in hospitals or clinics and provide direct patient care in a dynamic working environment.

“The staff and instructors are amazing and friendly! The class sizes are small and it will be perfect for you to join us!” – Ashley Daniela Guzman, BTC Student

About Our EKG Technician Certification Program

With our EKG classes in Boardman, Ohio, you learn the key features of an electrocardiograph (EKG) machine while gaining greater knowledge on how to read the results of the monitor and much more.

Some of the skills you will learn as part of our EKG program include:

  • How to identify normal and abnormal EKG recordings
  • How to use a heart monitor
  • How to identify basic, normal EKG waveform morphology
  • How to describe the normal physiology of cardiac conduction
  • How to distinguish between basic dysrhythmias
  • How to describe the differences between different results and which treatment should be recommended for the various types of dysrhythmias

Why You Should Consider a Career as an EKG Technician

When you become an EKG tech, you learn how to check rhythms to help patients be diagnosed with heart conditions, assist patients in preparation for surgery, or simply assist during yearly checkups to ensure optimal health.

Not to mention, the healthcare industry is always growing and developing, meaning there is always a need for more experienced professionals to apply their vital skills in a variety of healthcare settings.

Here are some the best aspects of gaining your EKG technician training near Warren and Youngstown:

  • Work to your needs – EKG techs can work both full-time or part-time, having the ability to be flexible to the needs of daily life and schedules.
  • Help others – Not only is the career fulfilling in regards to the skills you acquire, but is also something that is an important component of helping patients toward a path to better health.
  • Gain skills that are valued – If you’re already working in the healthcare industry, adding an EKG technician certification is terrific for your resume and future prospects.

Why Get Your EKG Training at Boardman Training Center?

Here are some of the things we offer for our EKG classes near Warren and Youngstown that separate us from other area programs:

  • Day and evening classes to fit your scheduling and life needs
  • Financing with flexible plan options
  • Our programs are stand-alone, and short-term courses
  • Our classes are affordable and class sizes are small, allowing for an optimal learning environment
  • Our graduates are prepared to sit for professional certifications

Students who take part in our courses can sit for certifications including:

  • Certified EKG Technician (CET)*

*Certification is contingent on passing the corresponding certification exam.

Where Do Students Who Enroll in Our Boardman EKG Classes Come From?

EKG technician classes from Boardman Training Center are now enrolling for students in Boardman, Ohio and the surrounding areas of:

  • Canton, OH
  • Carroll County
  • Columbiana County
  • Lawrence County
  • Lisbon, OH
  • Mahoning County
  • Mercer County
  • New Castle, PA

  • Beaver County
  • Portage County
  • Ravenna, OH
  • Salem, OH
  • Stark County
  • Trumbull County
  • Warren, OH
  • Youngstown, OH

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