Sarah Borngesser – Student Highlight

We are excited to feature our student highlight for the week, Sarah Borngesser!

Sarah is enrolled in the EKG Technician and Phlebotomy Technician programs at Boardman Training Center. She started classes in September 2018, and she loves BTC and the positive atmosphere that you feel as soon as you walk in the door.

Sarah Borngesser

Before deciding to attend classes at BTC, Sarah says she was working at a call center and pretty upset with her life, because she wasn’t doing anything for her future. “BTC gave me meaning to my life,” says Sarah.

“I chose BTC because it was a small campus, close to home, with small class sizes and career-driven classes,” says Sarah. After meeting with Nikki Granger, Admission Advisor, she knew BTC was the right choice.

Sarah had previously attended a university in Florida for a short time, but says it was very stressful, with big classes and a lot of people.

At Boardman Training Center, Sarah is on the fast-track to a great healthcare career with small class sizes, personalized attention, and short-term programs.

Sarah has worked in the front office in healthcare and always wanted to get more into the clinical aspects of the medical field. She chose the EKG Technician and Phlebotomy Technician programs to get the experience needed for her hands-on healthcare career.

“My favorite part of attending BTC is the staff. I love Stephen because he makes learning easy and fun, and Nikki has always helped me too,” says Sarah. Medical Assisting is her favorite class because she loves the hands-on, clinical part.

Sarah’s parents are very supportive of her! Her mom has worked in the healthcare field for 30 years as a medical assistant. As a child, Sarah would go on car rides with her mom while she traveled around to draw blood from patients, and always thought it was very exciting!

Sarah recommends BTC to everyone and is always sharing her positive experience with others. “I was not happy with my life before attending BTC, but they made me feel like what I want to do is possible,” says Sarah.

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Student Highlight Boardman Training Center – Sarah Borngesser

Sarah Borngesser

Sarah Borngesser is enrolled in the Medical Office Specialist, EKG Technician, and Cardio Phlebotomy programs at Boardman Traning Center (BTC). Before attending Boardman Training Center, Sarah was working at a call center and eventually got tired of not having a degree. Sarah wanted more out of life and began her studies at a school in Florida. However, soon realized that is was not the best fit for her due to it being too overwhelming.

Realizing that her school choice was not working for her educational needs, Sarah decided to enroll in multiple programs at BTC. After speaking with an admission representative, she realized that the programs were perfect for her due it being a career-focused school. Boardman Training Center offered Sarah smaller classes, hands-on learning, and student-based teaching. Sarah enrolled in EKG, Cardio-phlebotomy, and Medical Office Specialist because she wanted the most she could get out of her education and she wanted to start working in the medical field as soon as possible.

Sarah stated, “One of my favorite parts of attending Boardman Training Center is that it was enjoyable. They make learning interactive, fun and rewarding. The smaller classes help me learn better. The teachers explain things in a way that is easily understandable because they are real medical professionals.”

Sarah loves Boardman Training Center so much that she has been referring friends to the program because it offers a great balance between adult life and school life. The teachers look forward to watching and helping you succeed. Sarah’s ideal job is to work in a doctors office or hospital and have a successful long-term career in the medical field.